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On this site we discuss furniture and home devices which are good for the environment. Our fabulous range of modern furniture doesn’t just look good, it does good too. Everything is carefully researched so you know that what you’re purchasing is good for you and the planet. From chairs to sideboards and pillows to candles, have a look at the latest in hand-crafted green design and exciting furnishings. If you’re setting out on a larger project to build a sustainable home, our interior design service can be of assistance.

Our goal is to give you all the facts that you need to make knowing decisions regarding having the renewable energy you need whilst reducing your impact on the environment. We will look at commercially available grid power such as n-power but also examine green alternatives such as wind farms, ground source heat pumps, biomass boilers and solar panels.

What does a freegan do?

A freegan is a person who attempts to live simply, cutting down on their consumption and the pressure they put on the environment, through such things as recycling, jointly sharing resources and taking one’s time to help others.

Freeganism is about getting out of the socio-economic system and finding a life with a new motivation. Rather than working for money, as is currently done, freegans use their time giving and receiving for free.

How many freegans are there?

Very few people currently term themselves as freegans. However, lots of people are now practicing the ideals of freeganism in at least some part of their lives. What we name ourselves is far less important than what we do.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about our furniture or how you can help the environment from your home.

One Eco-Home

Many beautiful items can be brought back to their former glory through environmentally friendly methods by careful and experienced hands. Under one roof we have the absolute best craftsmen in the United Kingdom, with skills in wardrobe making, polishing, re-upholstery, renewal and furniture mending. We take careful and loving care over each of the single items as if it were our very own - ensuring that your furniture goes on to look good in an ecologically sustainable manner for years to come.

We can look after your furniture:

  • Top-notch recovery of all kinds of sofas, easy chairs, fireside and occasional seats
  • Quality workmanship for sure; full antique restoration service
  • Experts in real hide or thousands of fabrics to pick from
  • Environmental solutions
  • Five year anti stain warranty available
  • Now includes accidental damage
  • Easy payment methods (Visa, Switch, Mastercard etc)
  • Credit terms available (written details on request)

Our high-quality workmanship is sure to withstand the damage of everyday use to retain its gorgeous and fresh look. We use merely the top fire retardant materials, foams and fillings from our best suppliers who share our love for quality and the environment, value for money and customer care. Remember by bringing old furniture back to high value you are saving cash and together we can do our bit to save the environment.

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